Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America
Karenna Gore Schiff

In "Lighting the Way," Karenna Gore Schiff, daughter of former vice president Al Gore, talks about the lives of nine women who were behind major political movements in America.

Excellent interview by Karenna's mother Tipper. Watch it here:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Audiences warm to Gore the political activist – “immediate favorite to win the Democratic nomination”

ALEX MASSIE in Washington, DC has written a very interesting piece below on Al Gore. The last couple of lines in the story may be the most interesting. You can read the entire story here, which also discusses the republican party’s flirtation with running Condi Rice for President.

AL GORE is learning how to laugh. "I used to be the next president of the United States," he tells the audiences that are flocking to hear him preach his message on global warming and the environment. "I don't find that to be very funny," the former vice-President says solemnly. "I'm a recovering politician."

The man who spent eight stiff years first a heartbeat and then a few hanging chads from the presidency has finally found a role for himself: the straight man with a message. So much so that thousands of Americans are flocking to screenings of a new film he has made on the threat of global warming. Gore, once again, is hot property.

Gore gracefully retreated into the shadows in 2000, even if it took him months, if not years, to recover from the shattering blow of having come so close to the presidency only to lose it on the judicial whim of the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in favor of Bush.

Cast into the political wilderness, he grew a beard and brooded upon his fate. Recently, however, Gore has stepped back onto the political stage - although this time as an activist, chivvying politicians to take a greater interest in his pet causes rather than as a candidate for office himself.

He has a new book on global warming titled An Inconvenient Truth that will be published in April and a documentary film of the same name was screened to great acclaim at the recent Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The film was made after Seinfeld creator Larry David saw Gore's presentation and felt that it should receive as wide an airing as possible. David pulled together a team of filmmakers to follow Gore as he traveled the world, making his case that the world risks catastrophe unless it steps up its efforts to minimize and counter the adverse consequences of climate change.

That multimedia presentation has packed houses wherever Gore has delivered it as thousands of Americans flock to hear the former vice-president speak.

Gore has also begun to play a part in this year's mid-term elections, raising funds for Democrat Senate candidates.

In an e-mail sent to potential and existing Democratic donors, he spelt out the stakes: "Let me be perfectly clear. Our American values are at risk. George Bush is pursuing a truly breathtaking and unprecedented power grab that marginalizes the role of both our federal courts and the Congress.

"As a result, he has been able to enact the most extreme aspects of his right-wing agenda in virtual secret and without meaningful oversight."

Despite this increased public profile, however, Gore remains adamant that he has no interest in running for the presidency again in 2008, even though he would be an immediate favorite to win the Democratic nomination. His new popularity aside, the recovery is not yet complete.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Gore Shows International Credentials

Al Gore has had a worldwide travel schedule the last week that would leave most people tired and dazed, by the international and geopolitical issues involved in such visits around the world.

Gore is able to take this all in stride. He is by far the most experienced Democrat in international relations, defense, international trade, and economics. On the environment, Gore is a recognized world leader.

Eight years as Vice President of the United States afforded Al Gore the opportunity to understand the vast number of issues facing the world and the US. It is especially good to see Gore’s warning on a nuclear Iran, and his following comments: On Iran , Gore complained of "endemic hyper-corruption" among Tehran‘s religious and political elite and asked Arabs to take a stand against Iran‘s nuclear program.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bush-bashing on the rise within GOP - what's up with that?

Probably the most significant set of events in American politics since Barry Goldwater received the republican nomination for President in 1964 is now taking place across our Nation. You might think that it has something to do with the weak economy in the US? Or the poor trade numbers, which place a risk on the American standard of living. How about the Government's spying on people? Small town politicans and local and national reporters having their conversations tapped so Karl Rove knows how they feel about issues and people? What about this war in Iraq? Thousands of our soldiers have gone over there to fight and have come back wounded, both physically and emotionally. The cost of losing an arm or a leg is terrible but there will also be long term cost to American tax payers for caring for these injuries. With all this there's more, people can't really say that we are safer now than before. The Bush adminstration is very challenged administratively. Important things are not getting done correctly, like a stronger national defense, Katrina aid, etc.

What all this has lead to now is a fight within the GOP. There is Bush bashing going on all around the country. There is a fight for the future of the party and what it will stand for down the road. 6 years of total republican rule has left the country weaker and the people poorer.

The divide within the republican party is wide and deep. The congressional race in Michigan's 7th district will be a test bed of the future.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Subject: Washington Post's Dan Balz comments on Al Gore

Origination: Post.Com discussion of Tuesday Jan. 31st

From - Rolla, Mo.: Not sure if we have seen your opinion on the possibility of a Gore run in '08. I believe he would be very formidable, as many on the left and center would not care about earth tones, inventing the Internet, etc. The issues in 2000 seem trivial compared to now, and we know that despite running an awful campaign, he garnered more overall votes than Bush. Guesses?

Dan Balz’s response: I take him at his word that it is unlikely he will run in 2008. That said, he probably has been the president's most persistent critic and could run for the nomination by reminding Democrats of that. He certainly has admirers for the role he's chosen to play. Whether that translates into real political support is another question. Gore is astute enough to know the difference and will run only if he thinks he could win.

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Al Gore: the second coming

Geraldine Bell of the Observer from the UK writes in the Sunday edition about Al Gore and his new film An Inconvenient Truth, “a 90-minute star-vehicle documentary”. If you have a few minutes check out this article. I think it is very flattering about Gore. It tells about his passion for the issue of Global Warming, and describes how Gore has traveled all around the world speaking on this important issue.

Bell reviews the bidding on a Gore for President candidacy. The report is Gore is very popular and a number of people are speaking of his potential as a candidate for President. He has become a “riveting”, “on fire” personality. 'My ears tell me that there is a reappraisal of Al Gore going on now,' Marty Peretz, editor-in-chief of The New Republic.

This and other articles are pointing to the fact that Al Gore is a formidable and awesome candidate for the Leader of the Truly Free World! If Gore runs he wins!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Al Gore in the News

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately but I have been traveling and busy. I'll get back in the swing of things now.

Al Gore has been looking very Presidential recently. His speech was very well received. He has been traveling around and making some appearances to some important groups. This story from a local paper in Hampton Roads, Va is pretty interesting. Gore is speaking along with Bono to the U.S. House Democratic caucus in Kingsmill. He's speaking on global warming.

This speech comes on the heels of his visit to the Sundance Film Festival. He "wows 'em at Sundance" are the headlines. Gore has star power!