Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who Will The Republicans Nominate in ‘08?

The media says there are 3 main republican candidates right now, Giuliani, McCain and Romney. I think they are right but watch out for Senator Sam Brownback. Brownback has an exploratory committee and is raising money among the very conservative. Is he the republican’s Kennedy? Only, Brownback is no JFK.

All the more reason for us to work hard and elect Al Gore President in 2008. World wide Gore will be hailed if candidate. Showing the world the USA can recover from mistakes like George W. Bush.

The next administration will face a difficult problem maintaining the peace in the world. Countries have gotten spun up about military issues and that will be hard to cool them off so there is not a conflict. Many are adding budgets etc. Old saying, give the boys enough toys and they will want to see how they work.

  1. U.S. military operations in Iraq, Iran and Syria loom larger than every now with W’s mistakes.
  2. Other strategic crisis’s facing the US and civilized world:
    • The nuclearization of North Korea and Iran,
    • the rise of global terror and anti-americanism,
    • the alignment of Marxist regimes in South and Central America,
    • a regional confrontation over Israel,
    • Syrian domination of Lebanon,
    • genocide in Africa,
    • a Chinese military buildup,
    • a Russian return to anti-western totalitarianism,
    • and a difficult issue of America’s own undefended borders.

So, why worry?


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