Sunday, February 05, 2006

Subject: Washington Post's Dan Balz comments on Al Gore

Origination: Post.Com discussion of Tuesday Jan. 31st

From - Rolla, Mo.: Not sure if we have seen your opinion on the possibility of a Gore run in '08. I believe he would be very formidable, as many on the left and center would not care about earth tones, inventing the Internet, etc. The issues in 2000 seem trivial compared to now, and we know that despite running an awful campaign, he garnered more overall votes than Bush. Guesses?

Dan Balz’s response: I take him at his word that it is unlikely he will run in 2008. That said, he probably has been the president's most persistent critic and could run for the nomination by reminding Democrats of that. He certainly has admirers for the role he's chosen to play. Whether that translates into real political support is another question. Gore is astute enough to know the difference and will run only if he thinks he could win.

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