Saturday, September 23, 2006

Branson Speaks About Al Gore

Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson went to breakfast the other day and Sir Richard ended up pledging $3 Billion to help alleviate global warming. There were several different postings on this agreement. The conservatives are upset about this and they’ve also posted some comments.

Conservatives do this for a couple of reasons. One, they know that if Gore gets the Democratic Nomination in ’08 he will beat any republican, including Senator McCain or George Felix Allen. They also know that no challenge, no matter how small, can go uncontested. Conservatives and republicans fight on every point, and they fight in all 50 States and every Congressional District. Howard Dean is right, the Democrats must do the same thing, and his 50 State strategy is working. The final reason is conservatives and republicans are having huge problems right now with their ideology. For years they said “let us have a chance to govern and you’ll see how well things will run with ‘conservatism’. Well, now after 20 plus years of conservative ideology making all the decisions we know how bad it is, there is NO peace or prosperity. The average American has lost a lot of their democratic rights, they’ve lost financially, and spiritually, the Nation is in a disquiet period. The US is a weaker country now because of the republicans.

We will see in November if the republican control over the media, its tremendous financial advantage and the 20 years of gerrymandering all the districts across the US will pay off and they will retain power.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This posting below on KOS is very interesting. It could be that outside the beltway, here in Washington DC, people are truely upset with the direction of the country and the direction their lives are taking, and will vote out the majority party this fall? The republicans may have a major problem on their hands!

IL-06: Bean looking better than GOP wishes

Wed Sep 13, 2006 at 05:40:19 PM PDT

In the Evans-Novak House rankings I included below, the only GOP pickup they call is IL-06, with freshman incumbent Melissa Bean losing to David McSweeney.

But the numbers tell a different story (subscription-only Roll Call).

Today's news from The Austrailian Gives 6 Reasons Al Gore Can Beat Hillary Clinton and Become President

This is a text book article on why all Dems should be supporting Al Gore for President in 2008. Take a look at the article and judge for yourself. The six reasons are these:

1) Gore's position on the war in Iraq when almost everyone else was wrong puts him up there as a true leader. Al Gore was against the war from the beginning.
2) Gore is out front of everyone on the global warming issue.
3) Hillary Clinton has dropped 11 points recently and Gore is in second place in the polls.
4) Mrs. Clinton has made many of the right moves politically but she isn't necessarily a good candidate. Al Gore is a seasoned candidate and getting better by his going around the country speaking on the environment.
5) Gore is stronger than Mrs. Clinton against the republican front runners.
6) Al Gore won the 2000 election, but a northern liberal that pumps up the conservative base, will have an impossible time winning in 2008. Al Gore is from the South.

I see Al Gore going through a process right now, getting himself ready for a run and looking at the field of play. If he decides to run he wins. Everyone should remember that Gore has competed in and completed a marathon.

Read the article yourself, Patrick Buchanan is right. Gonzaga School in Washington DC did teach him to look at the world in a serious and learned way.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run

I was up in Syracuse this weekend for the Iowa vs. Syracuse football game. What a great town! People were really friendly and the rolling hills were just beautiful.

As you might guess I asked all the Iowans I met whom they liked for the upcoming Iowa caucus? People were for the most part fairly enthusiastic about telling me who they supported or liked. Everyone seemed to like to discuss the topic. We did this in casual conversation and I never rebutted them no matter which candidate they talked about supporting.

Much to my surprise, but not off target when comparing this to what the polls say about the republican candidates, most people said Rudy Giuliani was their choice. I must say I was surprised. Next for the republicans was John McCain, and then the Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. It is interesting that the more moderate and progress of the republicans are being mentioned. Of course, this is not a scientific poll, just anecdotal evidence but it was fascinating data all the same.

For the Democrats there were only two candidates mentioned. I was a little surprised here too. The Governor (Tom Vilsack) was talked about a bit and a couple of people mentioned Vice President Al Gore. People were generally positive on Gore but one guy talked about Gore running and then said he was actually a republican and he didn’t like Gore. My sense is republicans are afraid that if Al Gore decides to run he’ll win the election. Republicans say they don’t like Gore because he’s the strongest Democrat. They won’t say anything negative against a weak Democratic candidate. Watch.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Al Gore Comes to Syracuse - Tickets Sellout in Less Than 30 Minutes

Next Thursday Al Gore comes to Syracuse. He's speaking on issues about the environment. The response to his coming to Syracuse has been tremendous. Tickets to hear Gore are $12 each and they soldout in less than 30 minutes. It is even reported that eBay's web site now has tickets for sale and one pair of tickets for the Thursday event sold for $105.

The speech will be delivered at the Landmark Theatre which is fairly close to Syracuse University at 7:30 Thursday September 14th. You can get more information about Al Gore's documentary and book "An Inconvenient Truth" University Union Web Site at