Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bush-bashing on the rise within GOP - what's up with that?

Probably the most significant set of events in American politics since Barry Goldwater received the republican nomination for President in 1964 is now taking place across our Nation. You might think that it has something to do with the weak economy in the US? Or the poor trade numbers, which place a risk on the American standard of living. How about the Government's spying on people? Small town politicans and local and national reporters having their conversations tapped so Karl Rove knows how they feel about issues and people? What about this war in Iraq? Thousands of our soldiers have gone over there to fight and have come back wounded, both physically and emotionally. The cost of losing an arm or a leg is terrible but there will also be long term cost to American tax payers for caring for these injuries. With all this there's more, people can't really say that we are safer now than before. The Bush adminstration is very challenged administratively. Important things are not getting done correctly, like a stronger national defense, Katrina aid, etc.

What all this has lead to now is a fight within the GOP. There is Bush bashing going on all around the country. There is a fight for the future of the party and what it will stand for down the road. 6 years of total republican rule has left the country weaker and the people poorer.

The divide within the republican party is wide and deep. The congressional race in Michigan's 7th district will be a test bed of the future.


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