Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Excellent Posting Last Week from an Anonymous Source

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on Senator Brownback. He's got the credentials to gain support of the GOP's right wing that currently controls the party and opposes Bush on Iraq. That opposition could neutralize much of the foreign policy debate in the '08 Presidential race since both nominees will take similar positions. GOP primary candidates who support Bush's Iraq policy (e.g. McCain, Guliani)are goners from the get-go, which is also why Hillary Clinton is problematic as a candidate given her past pro-war votes. Yes, Bush is such a disaster that he's taking down Republicans AND Democrats who went along with the debacle.

Al Gore, of course, never did so.

The only winning strategy for the Republicans in the wake of the disatrous fiasco of Iraq is to shift the debate to domestic issues. Brownback conceivably could be the one to do that. And Gore would be the best candidate to counter with a shift back to global issues, most importantly, climate change. His argument: America CAN reclaim its leadership position in the world by working to solve the most pressing issue facing the planet.

He'd beat Brownback hands down on that one.


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