Sunday, September 10, 2006

Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run

I was up in Syracuse this weekend for the Iowa vs. Syracuse football game. What a great town! People were really friendly and the rolling hills were just beautiful.

As you might guess I asked all the Iowans I met whom they liked for the upcoming Iowa caucus? People were for the most part fairly enthusiastic about telling me who they supported or liked. Everyone seemed to like to discuss the topic. We did this in casual conversation and I never rebutted them no matter which candidate they talked about supporting.

Much to my surprise, but not off target when comparing this to what the polls say about the republican candidates, most people said Rudy Giuliani was their choice. I must say I was surprised. Next for the republicans was John McCain, and then the Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. It is interesting that the more moderate and progress of the republicans are being mentioned. Of course, this is not a scientific poll, just anecdotal evidence but it was fascinating data all the same.

For the Democrats there were only two candidates mentioned. I was a little surprised here too. The Governor (Tom Vilsack) was talked about a bit and a couple of people mentioned Vice President Al Gore. People were generally positive on Gore but one guy talked about Gore running and then said he was actually a republican and he didn’t like Gore. My sense is republicans are afraid that if Al Gore decides to run he’ll win the election. Republicans say they don’t like Gore because he’s the strongest Democrat. They won’t say anything negative against a weak Democratic candidate. Watch.


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