Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is Ohio the center of the political universe for 2008?

Today’s Washington Post has an interesting article on the recent election in ‘06 in Ohio. Check it out here. I found it interesting that 3 potential Presidential candidates have called out to the newly elected Ohio officials to congratulate them on their election victory.

The State of Ohio has long had a significant place in America Election history. It is important and lots of people feel which ever way Ohio votes, so goes the nation. We are in good shape for ’08 because of this election; we won the Governorship and replaced a republican Senator with a great Democrat.

It is no wonder then that Mrs. Clinton, John Edwards and Senator Obama would be calling out to that state and congratulating the victors. But what is significant about this article are the very last 2 paragraphs. It is a must read 2 paragraphs!


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