Monday, November 06, 2006

My Weekend Helping the Sestak Campaign and Meeting Al Gore

I had an amazing weekend. I went up to see Al Gore campaign for Joe Sestak who’s running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Al Gore made a couple of campaign stops and I was fortunate to be able to shake his hand, and like so many others who were there, ask him to run for President in 08. The entire gym was filled with supporters and everyone was screaming and yelling their support so it was probably hard for Gore to focus on what I was saying. But when we shook hands he was very serious and said, “thank you, that’s very nice of you to say”.

Al Gore was there to support Sestak, Robert Casey and Gov. Ed Rendell. All of them spoke but the crowd was waiting for Al Gore. When he walked in the gym it was like the President had arrived! People went wild cheering and yelling. You know, everyone felt good! And Gore speech was outstanding!! He was very funny. I’ll try and blog later about what he said in the speech.

I am hoping that all the Democrats win in Pennsylvania. They are all good candidates! I went door to door for two days after the Gore speech. I was in Upper Darby and Chester, all sorts of other places. People were very supportive. My sense was it was 70% for the Democrats. Voters knew about Curt Weldon’s problems with the FBI. They knew that Joe Sestak was terrific and had a prestigious military background. Nobody gets to be a Navy Admiral unless they are very special.

Let’s hope Sestak wins big, as well as all the other Dems in Pennsylvania!


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