Wednesday, August 30, 2006

John McCain is 70 Years Old

John McCain is running for President and even though he’s now 70, McCain will be a formable opponent. Here’s why.

Lots of voters are his age or close to it. They won’t want to hear that he’s too old and will be inclined to vote for someone their age.
McCain has set himself up to be the non Bush Republican who has the support of strong conservatives.
He’s the fiscal conservative who has a moderate social message.
The Senator has also been very “principled” on various issues from the War in Iraq to a Woman’s Right to Choose.

If the Democrats nominate a candidate who is perceived as weak on defense or is not knowledgeable on issues of national security then McCain will have a good chance. My sense is republicans will be attempting to seek out and support the weakest possible Democrat. McCain would have a very difficult time against an Al Gore candidacy. Gore will neutralize the few advantages McCain and the republicans will have in 2008.


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