Sunday, October 15, 2006

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Sorry for not posting the last month or so but I have been out traveling around the country getting people's ideas on events in our nation. There is a raising tide for the Democrats you can feel. People are not happy with what's been going on in Washington, and they want a change. In the 6 States I have visited in the last couple of weeks voters are telling me that they will be voting for all the Democratic candidates. The Democratic party could win both the House and Sentate. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened but the republicans have a 50 State plan. They run everywhere, in all parts of the country, and they have money and technology behind them. They know who the voters are and they get their people out to vote. My sense is however, many of the past republican supporters understand now that they've been suckered. Once more people realize how bad off the country is because of the republican majorities' doing, then voters will be very upset.

Two interesting articles below about Al Gore's popularity. Al Gore will win the Democratic nomination and the general election for President in 2008. Take a look at the articles below.

From the Union Leader in New Hampshire polling numbers are coming out.
Senior Political Reporter

"Among Democrats, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton was the top choice in the standard poll with 30 percent. North Carolina Sen. John Edwards was second at 16 percent, followed by former Vice President Al Gore with 10 percent, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry with 9 percent, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden with 5 percent, retired General Wesley Clark with 4 percent, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson at 3 percent and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh at 1 percent.

Kerry was the least liked, named so by 16 percent. Gore was close behind with 15 percent saying they liked him least and Clinton was at 14 percent.

Overall, Kerry's net popularity rating is the worst, at negative 7 percent, Clinton was the best, with 16 percent. Gore received negative 5 percent and Edwards came in with plus 12 percent.

Women favored Clinton over Edwards 39 to 14 percent with 9 percent for Kerry, while the male vote was almost evenly divided among Clinton, Edwards and Gore.

Independents were split between Clinton with 23 percent and Edwards with 21 percent, while self-described Democrats favored Clinton over Edwards 31 to 16 percent.

Liberals favored Clinton 36 to 17 percent over Edwards, while moderate/conservative Democratic voters favored Clinton over Edwards, 28 to 16 percent, with 12 percent for Gore and 8 percent for Kerry.

There is a silver lining for the less popular group, Smith pointed out. It's very early, and frontrunners have a history of falling - sometimes very hard - in New Hampshire.

Smith said the first poll of the cycle primarily reflected name recognition.

He said that at the moment, McCain and Giuliani are "rock stars among the Republicans. They have popularity that goes beyond the typical political officeholder." Clinton has some of the same qualities, said Smith.

Gore has acted increasingly like a candidate recently, but Smith said the former vice president and Kerry "have the same problem in that they've already lost once. Voters are notoriously fickle and want to see a new face."

That's why "Edwards is the most surprising," Smith said. "He is well-known and people really don't dislike him. It shows he did a good job last time by not attacking and staying positive and optimistic.""

The next interesting article which refers to Al Gore is about global warming and scooters. Check out this article on Scooters and Al Gore.

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