Saturday, November 11, 2006

Al Gore in Pennsylvania

I said before that I would blog a bit about my experience of working the weekend before the election up in Pennsylvania. I didn’t do it, but then I saw this posting on DailyKos. It was about Al Gore and the idea that he’s running for President and actually would like to get in the race. This reminded me of my experience seeing Al Gore speak and my impressions of that speech.

Gore gave a terrific speech. He had his timing down really well and the crowd was into it. His delivery was really exceptional and he got people thinking about what’s wrong with this administration. People became very excited while he was up on the podium. We are in this packed gym. People are standing all over the place, wall to wall. I remember a few people started to chant and cry out to Gore, “run”, “we need you”, “I am going to vote for you”. At one point, right after one person shouted out really really loudly, “08 is your election”, Gore stopped and looked up, smiled and pointed at the man. Then he smiled and continued on with his speech.

I think Al Gore would really like to run for President in 2008. He’s waiting to see how the field sorts itself out. The DailyKos piece suggests the same thing.


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