Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Al Gore close in latest poll, John Edwards making his move and Joe Sestak would make a great V-P with Al.

The Nation magazine has an interesting and well-placed article on a recent poll. It shows that Al Gore is just behind HRC in support from Dems. Al Gore has such good polling numbers and he’s been out of the public eye for 6 years now. The reason he’s doing well and would do even better once he announced he was interested in running, is because we had peace and prosperity when Gore was in office. For 8 years things went well in this country. Look at things now!

Hotline has a small piece about John Edwards today. I don’t think Edwards has a chance myself. He’s running for VP again. A one term Senator doesn’t make a President, and he’d lose to McCain. Here’s the article, see for your self.

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On The Trail: The Second Democratic Frontrunner

The calendar changes, writes Chuck Todd, do more to cement Ex-Sen. . John Edwards's status as the alternative frontrunner than anything else.

"Organizationally, Edwards is in the best shape of anyone in Iowa. His close ties to the%


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