Sunday, August 20, 2006

Been on Vacation in South Carolina

Now that we are back I don't know what to write about? Should I write about how the right wing of the Republican Party is hammering George W. Bush on being a lightweight intellectually? Or should I write about Hillary Clinton being such a lighting rode? Time has an interesting article about how she’s viewed as “Polarizing”.

Another thing that was of interest this weekend was the DNC made it official. The order of the primaries and caucus’ in the early part of 2008 has been set. As we all knew, Iowa will begin things with Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina following in that order. Some people feel this is a made to order set of elections for John Edwards. Edwards could be expected from the early polling to sweep all these states.

My sense is Al Gore still is the strongest candidate for the Democrats. It looks like Senator McCain will be the republicans’ nominee. With George Allen making a fool of himself and probably setting himself up for a defeat in November, McCain looks like the strongest republican. The Democrats will need a strong candidate with experience to counter McCain’s hold on the military/national security issue.

A nice Presidential team would be Al Gore and Joe Sestak. Sestak would make an excellent Vice President and candidate. He’s a good campaigner, good looking, has the requisite military experience (3 Star Admiral). John Edwards and
William Blaine "Bill" Richardson would also make great VP’s. We have to wait and see what happens.


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