Sunday, May 07, 2006

Now that I am back I was great to catch up on the news and see what's going on in Washington, DC.

Wow! Is there ever a lot going on!!

Porter Goss in trouble for going to the Watergate for games?

Howard Dean on the morning talk shows, on target and on point about the fall elections.

More trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan

And, Al Gore's new movie coming out in a few weeks. If anyone would like to go and see the movie together here in Washington, just let me know and we'll go as a group? The movie is playing in a couple of different locations and at different times. The early reviews are very positive about Gore's movie.

Finally, there's an interesting piece in today's Washington Post. It's on the 2008 Presidential election. Al Gore is mentioned in the article's side bar. But the thrust of the main article is about how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton would be for President. It also chronicals the weakness of the White House Clinton years.


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