Monday, March 20, 2006

The New New Gore

The Daily Kos had it first today, when they announced that The American Prospect had a cover story on Al Gore. Kos said that he had not had a chance to read it yet but it looked good.

Well, I read it and it is good about Gore. I really like it because it is an unvarnished view of the man. It shows how strong Gore is as an intellectual thinker and leader. The article describes his many pursuits and interests. And, it renews the bidding on whether Al Gore will run for President in 2008 or not? We all hope he does run for President. He runs he wins! Read the article here.

Bye the way, check out this Daily Kos poll being run right now on Presidential Candidates. A couple of us have emailed each other and we suggest you vote for "Other", and people will know that that's a Gore vote.


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