Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Campaign

This is like a church on Sunday. People go and sit in the church and everything looks fine. There is quiet, calm and no problems, concerns or cares. But behind the scenes in that church lots of things are going on. Let your imagination go wild and you'll be close to the truth.

That's the way it is right now in the national campaign for President in 2008. In both political parties there are so many candidates looking for money, supporters and considering their options.

The political pundits are also looking at the race. The conservatives are looking at the Bush administration and trying to figure out what to make of it. They are considering ways to spin the record and what might have been the record of a President Al Gore. One of the angles I've seen suggested is that a Gore Presidency would have been very similar to Bush's. Not too likely!! The spin misters are saying the problems were so great that we know that Gore would have suggested the same "solutions".

My sense is a Gore Presidency would have solved most of these problems before they had gotten to a crisis stage. The Clinton Gore years in the White House were years of solving problems and getting the economy on the right track. The world had confidence in the positive role Al Gore demonstrated in his 8 years in power as Vice President of the United States.


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