Tuesday, March 28, 2006

For People and Planet

Al Gore and his asset management partner from Generation Investment Management David Blood, write a feature article in today's Wall Street Journal. It is an excellent article. If you have a few minutes take the time to read it.

What Gore and Blood are talking about is that for capitalism to continue to provide the world opportunities then it must alter the way it has been doing business. They site several examples of companies designing products or changing their business model to create a "sustainable economy and society". These examples demonstrated how companies make money for their shareholders with this effort.

Not long after this article was published on line out came the response from the right wing. I wondered if they had actually read the article? That's because they couldn't get the salient points of the article down. Author Lisa De Pasquale took the most extreme position possible, and feebly attempted to insult the authors by calling their piece a "rant". Her article goes on to say that behind all of Gore's writings is "the purpose of which is putting businesses under control of radical Greens". Wow!! Lisa, calm down. Remember who's writing the article in the conservative Wall Street Journal? And, he's chairman of that capitalist sounding organization called Generation Investment Management. Same guy, Lisa.

Sometimes people become so overcome by their emotions they lose sight of were the center of gravity is on issues. This is a case in point. Al Gore is offering a very sensible idea on an important problem, which impacts all of us.

On another positive business note for Al Gore. Comcast has agreed to distribute Current TV, bringing the total number of homes reached to 28 million. Al Gore was not only a great V-P, who helped balance budgets, kept the country at peace, and raised the standard of living for all Americans, but now we see he's also a very good businessman. Wouldn’t he make a great President! Yes!!


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