Thursday, March 02, 2006

You know what? Here comes Al Gore!

You say, Dick Morris? Wow, I didn't think that he liked Al Gore but he writes a pretty positive article on Al Gore. And, it isn't just about Al Gore but Al Gore winning.

I really like how Morris lays out the race. Here's what he says about the 3 big candidates in the race, Al Gore, Hillary and Kerry. "
The Democratic base's anger at Gore's defeat in 2000 was assuaged by the worse Kerry defeat of 2004. The idea he was an incompetent candidate has been replaced in Democratic iconography by the idea he was cheated out of the presidency. The hiatus has healed his reputation with the base in much the same way the negative rap on Nixon for losing in 1960 was ameliorated by the Goldwater wipeout of 1964." The fact of the matter is Al Gore won the 2000 election and was "cheated out of the presidency". No two ways about it.

Read the article here. It is very positive on Gore's chances. For me, Gore's the one. If Al Gore runs he wins.


At Sunday, March 05, 2006 11:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to a "meet & greet" last night for Admiral Joe Sestak, (Ret)here in DC. Sestak is running for Congress in Pennsylvania against Curt Weldon. Weldon has been photographed pinning medals on Moammar Kadafi and hosting receptions for Rev. Moon. Weird stuff, and I don't know if the people back home would think much of his antics.

The Sestak reception was a very nice event. It was well attended, and as someone said the people who came were committed to seeing a change in Congress and the direction the country has been going. Sestak is an incredible leader. He spoke to the crowd for about 20 minutes and it was excellent! He had some great stories about his work in the White House when Clinton was President.

My take away from the event is Sestak is a really great candidate. Good speaker, full of energy, touched on all the issues and from the looks of the crowd is able to raise money. If he has the money to put out his message he'll beat Weldon. Maybe you should get Al Gore to help raise some money for this very impressive former Admiral?


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