Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lots of Interest in Al Gore's Speech Monday in Washington, DC

Since the anouncement that Al Gore is planning on making a major address here in the Nation's Capitol, I have noticed a lot of buzz on the subject. The e-mail traffic is huge, and of course, the blogs are all talking about Gore. The major media outlets have not yet discussed this, and I think that's just fine. The message is going around them in any case, so they are not able to control the message, or define Al Gore and his speech the way they would like to control it. With CSPAN 1 showing this on Monday FOX will be a little hesitant
in how they spin the event.

I am beginning to see Editorial Boards discuss the appearance. These folks are people concerned with the direction America is headed. For example, here's one editorial which I was interested. My sense is we will see more and more feedback from forums of discussion as we go future adrift.


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