Friday, January 06, 2006

Al Gore Gives Briefing on Environment to the ATR

This last Wednesday Al Gore came and gave a briefing to a very conservative group lead by Grover Norquist. I feel this is a very positive development. Gore is reaching out to various groups about an extremely important subject, the environment.

As far as I can make out, it looks like the Hotline was the first to announce that Gore had been in town and was speaking to this group. Gore was well received. I have attached the links for you to check out. See below.


WHITE HOUSE '08: Gore More Years!

Last a.m., ex-VP Gore attended ATR pres. Grover Norquist's famed Wed. morning weekly meeting to talk about the environment. As Hotline On Call reported, Gore approached ATR about doing so after talking with Dem donor/financier George Soros, who made a similar visit in '05. Norquist appraised Gore's appearance thusly: "Lots of fun." The Corner's John Miller: "For a moment, let's set aside the content of his speech on global warming. ... Aren't you just a little bit impressed that Gore would try to talk to conservatives at the Wednesday meeting? I am. It shows guts, courage of convictions, and an optimism about how calm discussion among reasonable people can achieve good results." Indeed, several of his fellow Cornerites were, including Steven Hayward and Jonah Goldberg, who noted, it's "worth remembering that Gore was essentially the Joe Lieberman of the Democrats in 1988." It may be the most positive coverage NRO has given Gore, ever.
At The Reality-Based Community, Jonathan Zasloff notes that John Kerry claims "that he is in great shape to run in '08 because he boasts an e-mail list of more than 3 million. Obviously, those 3 million weren't fans of Kerry per se -- they just wanted to get rid of the Dear Leader. Kerry wasn't an awful candidate, but he certainly wasn't a great one. He's had his chance. Fortunately enough, there's an easy way for all of us in the netroots to fix this problem: unsubscribe from Kerry's list. It's easy, it helps to clean out your inbox, and it will send a very powerful message to Massachusetts' junior Senator that he should make other plans for 2008."
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