Sunday, July 02, 2006

Attacks on Gore begin .... again

They have started again. The right-wingers… (you know the people that want to get us involved in wars in the middle east), republicans …(you know the people who are happy that our country’s values and basic rights plus civil liberties are being trampled), and other conservatives… (you know, those guys and gals who can’t run things correctly, have run the US into tremendous debt and mortgaged our future to a totalitarian communist state). Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, these are the very people that are now attacking Al Gore. Why? Because they know that Al Gore, if he gets the Democratic nomination will beat any and all republicans, even a McCain/Jeb Bush ticket, which is the team I think the republicans will run against an Al Gore and Bill Richardson ticket. The other possible tickets may be Al Gore and Virginia Democratic Governor Mark Warner. Al Gore because he’s a Southerner offers so many possibilities for selecting a winning V-P combination. For example, any one of these northerns would be an excellent selection, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Joe Biden or even John Kerry would balance and strengthen the campaign, and we wouldn’t want to take Massachusetts for granted nor the forget about the decisive Catholic vote. I should really mention all the possibilities there are with a Southerner or Westerner on the ticket as V-P with Al Gore.

In today’s Washington Post there is a really weak and not too serious article by two inside the beltway political consultants on Hillary Clinton running for President. They try and build a few arguments on why Hillary could win the Presidency. Does anyone remember Geraldine Anne Ferraro? 1984 started out well for Ferraro, and I have the utmost respect for her, but things went down hill pretty quickly. My sense is this is exactly what would happen to Hillary’s campaign too. Look, she faced a weak opponent in her first election in NY, and he self destructed in the campaign. She didn’t look too strong in the beginning but got lucky in the end. NY has a tradition of taking new comers to elections, i.e. Bobby Kennedy. So, in a year that Al Gore ran so strongly in NY it is no wonder that Hillary won in NY. I don’t buy this idea that she’s strong.

Washington campaign consultants don’t really care who wins. They just want money, access and the good life that Washington, DC offers, or the good life in the lower tax haven of Northern Virginia. So, when someone says that Bill Clinton will help Hillary win because he’s so popular, etc. Remember, that Bill will also be a distraction in the campaign too. Because this will allow the republicans to conjure up all that past history with questions like “what Bill will be doing up stairs when Hillary is in the Oval Office”? She won’t look so strong with that discussion going on. And, don’t forget, voters will not be too sympathetic with her when she’s running for President. After all, the President safeguards our safety and sympathy for Hillary won’t be part of the equation at that point. People will vote for the other candidate.

Those positive polling numbers for Hillary are suspect! Don’t the other candidates for President poll like that too? It is just that Hillary has extremely negative polling numbers while the others don’t.

The political class in Washington DC don’t care about good government too much. Why should they? They make their money by being insiders. If an honest politician gets elected they don’t have the access and thus the money. This is why we need to see elected honest politicians. We need people who care more about the America people and their issues than the issues of the political class who work inside the beltway.

Al Gore is that person we need elected. But I can see why he’s not the choice of the insiders or the republicans. He’s honest. And, he has integrity. He’s running an amazing campaign right now. He’s defining himself to the voters, not allowing others to define him.

Looks like Mike Gravel will be speaking to the DC Democrats this week, in preparation for the Washington DC early primary/caucus which will be held in late January or early February of 2008.

Go Gore!!


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