Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gore's Movie: Serious man with a strong message

The reviews are starting to come in now on Al Gore's new movie. Some people are saying that he missed his calling and others are saying that Gore is a great leader. It is true he's been out front on many issues over the years. His abilities have made republicans jealous. Often times you see their adolescent and immature nature come out as they attack Gore. Anyone who attacks Gore should sit back and reflect on how bad things have gotten in the last 6 years since the other side has taken over. We are now in wars around the world, our national debt is at record levels and our comparative advantages we once had are now in decline thanks to the policies of conservatives and republicans. We need a change. The direction these people are leading the nation is not positive.

There is good news however. Recent polls are showing that candidates like Joe Sestak and Lois Herr, both from Pennsylvania are doing increasingly well against their republican opposition. Outside polling in the Sestak vs Weldon race show a dead heat in the election. And Lois Herr is gaining on the devout Bush supporter, Joe Pitts from Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District. As more and more voters in that district see that a vote for Pitts is a vote for the Bush philosophy in Washington the more people are backing Herr for Congress.


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