Sunday, June 04, 2006

Al Gore In The News

Several of us went to see the new Al Gore movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH last night in Washington, DC. We went downtown and the movie was sold out. We couldn’t get close to the theatre so we decided to go to Georgetown and see it there. That theatre was so crowded we almost could not find a parking place. We just got inside and the movie started. Wow, we had to sit in the very last row, there were NO more seats.

Of the group I went with, I am the only partisan ‘Gore for President’ supporter. But, it was interesting, after seeing the movie everyone I was with said they wanted Gore to be President! Each one of them was totally in love with the movie and Gore. I couldn’t believe it, and I was so happy about their reaction. Go see the movie, and take you friends and family! Go early because the theatres in Washington, DC are packed. Go see this movie and you will be very surprised at what you see. It is good!!

It is an optimistic movie. Gore shows that we can do something about the environment and our economy. It isn’t hopeless, and in fact, if we act as Al Gore demonstrates, we can have a better economic climate and environmental climate at the same time.

One part of the movie that I was greatly interested in was the part about the automobile industry in America today. Gore showed several graphs and charts of car production and pollution emission requirements. The Chinese have higher requirements than the US market. And, Ford and GM are losing market share because they are not keeping up with technology. Gore challenges the notion that holding our technology back and not being vigilant on helping the environment somehow helps our economy. Fighting pollution and unleashing technology’s potential to fight pollution and help us with jobs in America is the answer. Gore has the right idea on getting our economy back on track. American jobs (good jobs) will be created.

The former Vice President discussed Global Warming, and '08 Politics on ABC's ‘This Week'. He was great in that interview. Gore has heart and you can see how much he cares about these issues. He’s very honest and that may be a problem for him. Is the voting public ready for someone who tells it like it is and tells the truth? He spoke about his new movie, and about the war in Iraq. His comments on the war were sophisticated, because the war has become extremely complex. Gore said this, he’d like the troops to come home as soon as possible, but the US has a twin obligation. We have to make sure we don’t make the situation worse by leaving too soon. On the other hand we are asking so much of our men and women in Iraq we need to dispense with the Iraq issue quickly and get on with making life better here in the United States. Gore was against getting us into the war in Iraq in the first place. He was right from the start.

It has to be said that Gore would make a great President. He has the leadership abilities and has been right on the issues. For example: he was ahead of the curve on the War in Iraq, but he did support the war against Saddam when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Vice President Gore was also ahead of the curve on global warming. He had a great book written years ago called Earth In The Balance. As I’ve said he was out front on his opposition to the war, and an advocate for the Internet, which has changed the way we do business in America and impacted all of us. Gore is a great leader.

On this Sunday’s morning talk shows Gore was mentioned several times. It was mentioned that Gore would be welcome into the Democratic Party’s primaries and he’d add to the debate. However, timing is imperative. I want Al Gore to win so he should just wait for the right moment to enter the race.

One other issue, which people are talking about, is the Congressional Vote for the War, will it matter? Yes, those candidates who voted for the war in Iraq will have to face the music. Their vote will be a defining issue. It cannot help but be defining because it shows judgment, or their lack thereof.

Is George W. Bush the worst President of the United States we have ever had?


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