Saturday, May 20, 2006

Have You Seen These Two New Articles About Al Gore?

Two especially good news articles came out today about Al Gore. One shows up on page 3 of the London newspaper The Financial Times. The title is the catchy “Buzz around Gore fuels talk of another run for President”. Be sure to read it if you can. Donna Brazile is quoted in the piece saying, the voters “want someone with stature, experience and a passion for public service”. She’s right.

The other news article has another attractive title, Al Gore Hints at Presidential Run. In an interview Gore changes his wording just a bit which raises the question of whether he has now changed his mind and is considering a run for the Democratic nomination.

My sense is if enough of us organize, show our support and encourage Al Gore to run he’ll be interested. One thing sure, he’s the best candidate to defeat any republican.


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