Sunday, December 11, 2005

Changes Coming to Future Primaries

According to today's New York Times the Democratic National Committee has proposed changes to the timing and order of future Presidential Primaries.

This change should liven up the nominating process for the Democrats. Two additional "caucuses" will be added to the calendar between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire Primary.

My sense is this will lengthen the nomination process. It won't give any one candidate an advantage over any other candidate.

The Washington Post article is very complete and worth reading.

Tell me what you think will be the result of this change?


At Thursday, December 15, 2005 6:46:00 PM, Anonymous John Capozzi said...

The DC First Presidential Primary In January 2008?
"Let's hear it for the city council and the mayor of Washington for demanding that attention be paid to their hometown injustice. While the President and the official Washington he leads prepare to 'export' democracy to Iraq, the city council has made clear that, like charity, democracy must begin at home."
-Mark Shields, the moderator of CNN's The Capital Gang, was the second nationally syndicated columnist to support the proposal.
Why is DC moving its Presidential Primary first?
• Most Americans are not aware of the fact that DC permanent residents do not have equal political rights-the nation's capital lacks basic democracy. Residents want full democracy.
• The national media and the Congress rarely discuss this topic. DC residents decided to move the DC Presidential primary first as a way of "walking from the back to the front of the democracy bus" to increase national discussion.
• The hope is that the first DC First Presidential primary will raise awareness in the nation that DC does not have-but needs-equal Congressional voting rights and full local self-government.
Will moving DC's primary really increase national awareness?
• The "first in the nation" campaign on 2004 surpassed supporters' expectations in garnering national attention about DC's plight. Countless stories have appeared in national and international publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, CNN, BBC, The Baltimore Sun, Roll Call, National Journal's Hotline, Black Commentator Magazine, the New Orleans Times Picayune, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Washington Afro-American, and many more.
john capozzi


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